Specialized skills for specific needs

Each member of the DRC team is a recognized authority in his/her area of practice, ensuring a thorough and nuanced understanding of the issues in your case. The panel members with expertise in specific areas of law are listed below:

Appellate -- Paulk, Boudreau, Hetherington, Robertson, Rothman

Auto Negligence -- Paulk, Boudreau, Cunningham, Davis, DuncanGibbs, Gladd, LeachMcCormick, Ottaway, Robert, Robertson, Rothman, Sherwood

Aviation --Gungoll, Hetherington

Bankruptcy -- Paulk, Thomas

Business -- Paulk, Boudreau, Cunningham, Davis, Gibbs, GillGladd, LeachMunnOttaway, Robert, Robertson, Rothman, Sherwood, Thomas, Wooten

Business Succession -- AllisonBoudreau, Thomas

Civil Rights -- Paulk, Boudreau, Robertson, Rothman

Class Action & MDL -- Paulk, Boudreau, Cunningham, Hetherington, LeachRothman

Commercial -- Paulk, Boudreau, Cunningham, Gungoll, Hetherington, LeachMcNamara, Robertson, Thomas

Construction -- Paulk, Boudreau, Cunningham, Davis, Gibbs, GillGladd, Hetherington, Robertson, Rothman

Consumer Claims -- Gibbs, Robertson

Creditor Rights -- Thomas

Eminent Domain -- Paulk, Cunningham, Robertson, Rothman

Employment -- Paulk, Boudreau, Cunningham, Davis, Gibbs, Gladd, GungollMcCormick, Ottaway, Robertson, Rothman, Thomas, Wooten

Environmental -- Paulk, Gladd, Gungoll, McNamara, Ottaway, Robertson, Rothman, Thomas

Estates / Trusts / Wills -- Allison, Boudreau, Gill, Munn 

Family & Domestic -- Allison, Boudreau, KeeleMunnRoberts

Food Borne Illness -- Paulk, Robertson

Franchise -- Thomas

Guardianship / Elder Care -- Allison, Munn

Insurance & Bad Faith -- Paulk, Babb, Boudreau, Cunningham, DuncanGibbs, Gill, GladdHetherington, Leach, McCormick, Ottaway, Robertson, Rothman, Thomas, Wooten

Intellectual Property -- Robert

Medical Device -- Paulk, Robertson

Medical Malpractice -- Paulk, Boudreau, Cunningham, Davis, Duncan, Gibbs, Gladd, Hetherington, McCormick, Ottaway, Robert, Robertson, Rothman, Sherwood, Wooten

Mergers & Acquisitions -- Thomas

Non-Profit & Church -- Robert

Nursing Home -- Paulk, Boudreau, Cunningham, Davis, DuncanGibbs, GillGladdMcCormick, Ottaway, Robert, Robertson, Rothman, Sherwood

Oil & Gas -- Cunningham, Gungoll, Hetherington, McNamara, Rothman, Thomas

Personal Injury -- Paulk, Babb, Boudreau, Cunningham, Davis, DuncanGibbs, GillGladd, Gungoll, Hetherington, Leach, McCormick, Ottaway, Robert, Robertson, Rothman, Sherwood, Wooten

Probate -- Paulk, Allison,  Boudreau, Cunningham, Gill, Gungoll, MunnRothman

Product Liability -- Paulk, Boudreau, Cunningham, Davis, DuncanGibbs, GladdGungoll, Leach, Ottaway, Robertson, Sherwood

Professional Negligence -- Paulk, Boudreau, Cunningham, DuncanGladdHetherington, Ottaway, Robert, Robertson, Rothman, Sherwood, Thomas, Wooten

Real Estate -- Paulk, Boudreau, Cunningham, Hetherington, McNamara, Robert, Rothman, Thomas

Regulatory -- Rothman

Securities -- Leach, Thomas