DRC Special Masters

Both Federal and State courts can appoint special masters in situations where the magnitude or complexity of a case might overwhelm the time available to a judge. In these situations, DRC special masters can provide professional, experienced, neutral assistance to the Court and parties to streamline certain aspects of the litigation process.

Some of the instances in which a party may request/and a court may appoint a special master are:

  • Overseeing/monitoring discovery (or developing a discovery plan)
  • Resolving electronic discovery disputes
  • Assisting with complex mass tort actions
  • Conducting in camera document inspections
  • Making recommendations re: asset division or custody in divorce proceedings
  • Overseeing the winding up of a general partnership
  • Making insurance coverage determinations
  • Presiding over evidentiary hearings
  • Calculating attorney fees
  • Apportionment of damages

(Click on a photo for a detailed CV of each Special Master.)

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