Experience equals results.

In 1992, Joe Paulk was a respected and successful trial lawyer with a thriving practice in civil litigation ... and a dislike of the status quo in mediation and arbitration.

Not yet a "true profession," mediation was then dominated by practitioners who lacked specialized training. The majority also lacked meaningful trial experience, making it nearly impossible for them to understand and objectively assess the core issues in the cases they attempted to resolve.

Paulk believed the legal field deserved better -- professionals with specialized training in dispute resolution and the practical trial experience to apply it effectively.  In short, the kind of experience he had. And so, Dispute Resolution Consultants was formed.

Over the last twenty years, Paulk has assembled an outstanding team of mediators, arbitrators, private judges and special masters, each with years of litigation and/or judicial experience, and all with ADR training from top-notch law programs at Harvard, Pepperdine, the American Law Institute, and the Oklahoma Supreme Court.

Today, the DRC team is exactly what Paulk himself once sought -- a mediation firm trial attorneys can turn to with confidence.

The good listeners.

"People come to DRC from all over the world and they know me as the mediator with the dogs," Joe Paulk says.  "There are certainly worse things to be known for!"

Paulk began bringing his Australian Shepherd, Annie, to work over ten years ago.  Annie was a nationally certified pet therapy dog, and she was an instant hit with clients. Today, he continues the tradition by having Katie (also a certified pet therapy dog) and Jackson with him on most days. 

"People can be anxious and under a lot of stress during a mediation, and the dogs have a calming influence on the lawyers, on clients, and on me," Paulk says. "They'll just sit there with you, and it's very therapeutic."

Official greeters, Katie and Jackson

Official greeters, Katie and Jackson

First-class facilities and amenities.

Whether your case involves two disputants or twenty, DRC can accommodate your needs with secure, private, and pleasant surroundings.  Both our Tulsa and OKC/Edmond offices provide:

  • wireless internet
  • quick and easy access from local airports
  • free parking
  • well-appointed conference rooms with seating for up to 60 participants
  • presentation equipment
  • beverages and snacks
  • complete administrative staff and support services
One of 10 comfortable conference rooms in our Tulsa facility

One of 10 comfortable conference rooms in our Tulsa facility

One of eight meeting rooms in our OKC/Edmond facility

One of eight meeting rooms in our OKC/Edmond facility